Daikin adds to high-tech DZ Oil-Free Centrifugal Chiller range

Date: 30 January 2019
Daikin adds to high-tech DZ Oil-Free Centrifugal Chiller range

Daikin has announced an extension to its DZ Oil-free Centrifugal chiller portfolio, with the introduction of three new compressors in larger sizes. Providing extra capacity, the new compressors offer the flexibility to meet larger or more complex requirements including ‘Dry Cooler’ and ‘Cooling Tower’ applications.

The launch of the new models follows on from the introduction of the innovative DZ Oil-free Centrifugal chillers earlier this year. Presented on two refrigerant platforms, the latest additions to the range have effectively extended the capacity range to make the DZ Oil-Free Centrifugal Chiller the most comprehensive and advanced solution on the market yet. R-134a models will now be available from 320kW to 2173kW and the low GWP R-1234ze (E) models from 227kW to 1415kW.

Offering Gold standard efficiency, the new chillers are available with a standard or optional economized circuit.

New options introduced

The existing extensive choice of options and accessories has been further enhanced by the addition of two new options: A Hot Gas Bypass (HGBP) and a Heat Pump mode.

The Hot Gas Bypass reduces compressor cycling, stabilising chilled water temperatures at very low loads. HGBP feeds discharge gas directly into the evaporator when the system load falls below 10% compressor capacity. This hot gas provides a stable refrigerant flow and keeps the chiller from short cycling under reduced load conditions, combined with high lift. It also reduces surge potential on heat pump mode units.

The Heat Pump Version includes Pursuit Mode with reversibility on the water side. A dedicated switch installed on the unit electrical panel allows selection of cooling or heating mode. The addition of a communication card enables this operation to be managed by BMS. This variant includes HGBP and an additional insulation of 20 mm on the condenser as standard.

The DZ Oil-free Centrifugal Chiller portfolio – unique in the market for technical innovation

With a reduction in footprint combined with a state-of-the-art design,the new DZ Oil-free Centrifugal chiller series offer a compact, energy efficient and reliable solution.

High efficiency compressors and heat exchangers have been redesigned in the DZ range to achieve an impressive performance, with the unique stacked design of the heat exchangerscontributing to its smaller dimensions.

The use of frictionless magnetic bearings allows oil-free operation, reducing maintenance requirements and delivering high heat exchanger performance compared to traditional oiled centrifugal chillers. With a SEER score of up to 9.35, the EWWD-DZ series not only meets, but far exceeds the EU 2021 Ecodesign requirements by 43%, as well as offering industry-leading part load efficiency.

A choice between high condensing (such as Dry Cooler applications) and low condensing operations (e.g. for Cooling Towers)offer greater application flexibility.

With integrated variable frequency drives and high-speed direct drive technology,the system also incorporates a Rapid Restart feature to get chillers up and running quickly after a power failure. Combined with remote monitoring optionsthe new generation DZ chillers offer reliable solution for critical applications such as Data Centres.

Supplied as factory mounted, the reliability and smaller size of the DZ seriesoffers increased flexibility in installation, which is complemented by its low noise, thanks to a dedicated sound-proof cabinet.

Green future

The demand for high efficiency HVAC systems has never been higher. The addition of new, larger capacity options to the market-leading DZ chiller series provides even greater flexibility for installers and specifiers looking to advanced design to provide solutions that can boost the environmental credentials of buildings and meet longer term EU energy goals.

Future-proofed to comply with existing design and regulatory standards, Daikin’s DZ Oil-free Centrifugal Chiller range supports the HFC phase-down schedule. The R-1234ze(E) range uses an HFO refrigerant (Hydro Fluoro Olefins) with a GWP of less than one, offering a green alternative that also provides superior energy performance.

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