Daikin introduces an climate control solution Using R-32 refrigerant with a low GWP

Date: 18 February 2019
Daikin introduces an climate control solution Using R-32 refrigerant with a low GWP
Daikin introduces an climate control solution Using R-32 refrigerant with a low GWP

The Daikin Perfera FTXM-N: Best performance, including WiFi as standard

The new Daikin Perfera FTXM-N air-to-air heat pump offers an energy efficient all-in-one solution to homeowners to meet their heating, cooling and air purification needs.

The Daikin PerferaFTXM-N is one of a range of market-leading residential climate control solutions which uses R-32 refrigerant: an alternative with low environmental impactdelivering outstanding energy performance with a minimal Global Warming Potential (GWP). Using advanced inverter control technology, thePerfera system is powered by 80% renewable energy from the air and 20% by electricity.

The enhanced design of the next generation PerferaFTXM-N delivers a substantial increase in energy efficiency over previous models, with a SEER of up to 6.81 and a SCOP up to 5.1providing best-in-class performance to A+++ standards for greater economy in running costs.A built-inenergy savingfeature detects when rooms are empty and automatically adjusts settings to reduce energy consumption, while inverter technology minimises running costs.
With its upratedspecifications, the Perferanow offers an even wider operational range, providing effective cooling from -10°C to 50°C and heating from 24°C down to -20°C, and ensuring reliable performance to meet thenew extremes of Europe’s changing climate.

Whisper Quiet
As with its predecessor, the new Perfera FTXM-N incorporates effective noise reduction technology.  Sound levels have been further reduced in the new Perfera FTXM-N indoor and outdoor units, to offer near-silent running in the home and making it the ideal choice for urban areas.

Cleaner air
The new Perfera FTXM-N incorporates Daikin’s advanced Flash streamer technology to achieve a cleaner, healthier indoor environment. The Flash streamer removes dust particles, allergens, odour, bacteria and viruses to deliver year-round pure, fresh air.

Easy to use and control
The latest Perfera FTXM-N now comes with Daikin’s online controller as standard. The new smart controls make it easier to adjust system settings and timers from anywhere in the house or remotely, via a smartphone using the Daikin app. The controller’s powerful functionality allows you to check your energy consumptionand keep spending on track.

New Comfora provides quiet efficiency with improved comfort

Daikin is to introduce an updated version ofits compact Comforahome climate control solution this Spring. Part of Daikin’s revolutionary Bluevolution portfolio of products, the new generation Comfora incorporates important additional features and design enhancements, providing increased energy and operational efficiency, together with improved air quality.

Using R-32 refrigerant with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP), the Comfora FTXP-M offers a future-proof solution with low environmental impact.Both heating and cooling capacities have been increased across the range offering greater flexibility to meet all sizes and requirements.
Improved efficiency resulting from design enhancements to the 50 and 71 classesdelivers higher performance values within the existing A++ energy standard, for optimum home comfort with even greater energy savings.

Designed for modern living
The Comfora FTXP-Mrange offers a discreet, wall-mounted solution with a contemporary look that is ideal for renovation projects.Its compact profile can be mounted just about anywhere,with options including above-door installationswhere space is a constraint.

Automatic changeover between heating and cooling provides a responsive solution for the perfect all year-round climate, while maintaining pre-set temperatures to suit individual preferences and seasonal requirements.Abuilt-inenergy saving mode helps to reduce energy consumption while the Comfora FTXP-M ‘s fan-only mode keeps interiors cool in summer.

3D airflow
The addition of a 3D air flow to the design of the new Comfora FTXP-M ensures an even heating profile for optimum room comfort and reach.Combining vertical and horizontal auto swing patterns, the 3D airflow feature circulates a stream of warm or cool air right to the corners of even large spaces for all-year round comfort throughout the house.

Breathe easy
The latest Comfora FTXP-M puts an end to stale air and irritants. A new silver allergen filter has been incorporated into the system, which combined with the existing titanium apatite deodorizing filter, removes impurities, providing a constant stream of clean pure air, to ensure healthy homes, whatever the time of year.

Whisper quiet operation
In the 20, 25 and 35 classes the Comfora is even more silent than before. With sound values down to 19 dBA, the latest models are practically inaudible. Ensuring peaceful nights, the unit runs so quietly it is virtually unnoticeable, leaving the householder free to enjoy the comfort of a perfect indoor climate.

Smart Control
Available as an optional extra, Daikin’s advanced online controller allows homeowners to control the Comfora unit at home or away with an app or via the internet.  As well as adjusting individual settings to fit in with their lifestyle, the online controller allows homeowners to keep a check on energy spending and their environmental profile.

Market leading solutions from the specialists
Designed in Europe to meet the requirements of changing local climate conditions, the new, improved Comfora FTXP-M complements Daikin’s range of home heating solutions to maintain the company’s lead in delivering high efficiency, high performance systems with a low environmental impact.
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