Danfoss ADAP-KOOL System Manager extends product line with two new additions

Date: 17 July 2018
Danfoss announced two new additions to the heralded ADAP-KOOL System Manager line: the AK-SM800AL, a dedicated alarm logger designed as an easy-to-use enhancement for system manager hosts, and the AK-SM810, a cost-effective format for small store applications. [caption id="attachment_13673" align="alignnone" width="500"] AK-SM 810[/caption] AK–SM800AL Alarm Logger The AK-SM 800AL Alarm Logger complements the Danfoss System Manager 800 series and offers a solution that delivers access to alarms that interact with the system controls. The Danfoss AK-SM 800AL includes an SVGA 800x600 touchscreen to make setup as simple as possible, offering a great user experience. The AK-SM 800AL Alarm Logger monitors store environments and provides immediate notification in case of an alarm in any part of a connected system. The Alarm Logger also provides additional functionality via a local buzzer and alarm relays, providing facility personnel with a full overview at all times. AK–SM810 System Manager The AK-SM810 System Manager is a cost-conscious, yet highly effective, solution for food retail markets. At a value demanded by small-format retail operations, while containing the full features of a Danfoss System Manager 800 system, the AK-SM810 has all the functionality and tools needed to provide full application coverage — from refrigeration control to monitoring applications. Users can access and analyse the data collected by the AK-SM810 using several tools provided by Danfoss, including the SiteService mobile app, the Remote Management Tool, and the StoreView Desktop Application. Each tool has been tested in hundreds of applications and is compatible with all System Manager 800 series products. The AK-SM 810 also provides access to the award-winning suite of monitoring and analysis products available through Danfoss Enterprise Services. "The introduction of these great new additions to our AK-SM800 Series of System Manager products demonstrates our commitment to the continuous improvement of our offering", says James Knudsen, Manager of North America Segment Marketing, Food Retail. He continues "The AK-SM810 Small Store product broadens our scope with a cost-effective, yet full-featured, solution for a wide array of small format retail venues.The AK-SM600AL Alarm Logger, with its simple, yet powerful touchscreen interface, provide store personnel with important information on status and alerts in the store management system without them needing to become refrigeration experts. Danfoss System Manager – The brain of the Smart Store The Danfoss System Manager enables seamless integration of refrigeration and HVAC. Designed specifically for Food Retail applications, the System Manager provides all the functionality and tools for control, maximum reliability, and high energy efficiency. Accessible from any device, the System Manager offers 100% availability remote or on-site.
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