Danfoss introduces AB-QM 4.0 Flexo

Date: 15 April 2022
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Danfoss introduces AB-QM 4.0 Flexo, a compact, 8-in-1, PICV solution for fast installation, flushing and servicing of Fan Coil Units in hydronic HVAC systems as used in public and commercial buildings.

The sets are designed for increased installation flexibility and prefab projects. They save time during the installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of the HVAC system and the Fan Coil Units used in them.

The new Danfoss AB-QM 4.0 Flexo connection set for Fan Coil Units is available in DN15 and DN20. Sets in DN15 contain an AB-QM 4.0 PICV valve with Low Flow, Normal Flow or High Flow, covering design flows from 20 – 1200 l/h. The DN20 sets come with a Normal Flow or High Flow AB-QM 4.0 valve and cover design flows from 110-1900 l/h.

The AB-QM 4.0 Flexo is a pre-assembled set to simplify the installation, commissioning and servicing of Fan Coil Units. The set consists of an AB-QM 4.0 Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) for accurate, dynamic balancing and control performance. In addition, the pressure tested connection set contains two 3-way ball-valves, a strainer, a drain valve and three test plug connections for pressure- or flow measurements.

With these, the set provides an 8-in-1 solution for hydronic balancing, control, measuring, installation, flushing, filling, draining and servicing of the Fan Coil Units they are installed on.

For both DN15 and DN20 sets, matching flexible stainless-steel connection pipes and EPP insulation are available. The flexible pipes simplify the connection from the set to the Fan Coil Unit. The insulation prevents heat losses from the set.  With the insulation mounted it is still possible to see and get access to the PICV valve design flow setting, to drain the FCU and to measure flows and pressures. All standard Danfoss actuators for AB-QM 4.0 valves can be used; from TWA-Q thermal on/off actuators, to AME modulating gear actuators, to the Danfoss NovoCon S high-accuracy digital actuator with BACnet or Modbus bus-communication for integration with Building Management Systems (BMS). 

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