ebm papst's new high-performance AxiEco 200 compact fan

Date: 01 November 2022
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With the AxiEco 200, ebm‑papst has designed a compact fan, especially for use in applications requiring pressure. This makes the fan particularly suitable for electronic cooling challenges in data centers.

In line with the latest aerodynamic findings, the fan was designed with a special impeller without a tip gap, which reduces turbulence. The impeller, integrated diffusor ring and hub form a compact unit. The eliminated tip gap between the blades and the housing ensures that the blade tips are not overflowed. This increases efficiency while there is up to 5 dB(A) less noise than with existing fans. Aerodynamic optimization ensures minimized inflow turbulence and improved airflow. The housing made of aluminum withstands adverse ambient conditions and guarantees a long service life in the temperature range from - 20°C to 60°C.

The AxiEco 200 is driven by a three-phase GreenTech DC motor concept. Equipped with high-performance electronics of up to 500 W, the powerful combination reaches up to 7,000 rpm. Optimized heat management enables targeted dissipation of the motor heat that this creates. Cooling openings actively support motor cooling. The aluminum flange provides additional heat dissipation. With an airflow of up to 1,800 m³/h, the compact fan achieves around nine percent greater air performance than existing fans of the same size.

Due to the high availability requirements, IT equipment is usually maintained during operation. If a single fan or module with several fans is taken out of service for this purpose, this can lead to a problematic situation in which air from the remaining fans flows through the fan taken out of operation via external means. This external driving of the fan happens at several thousand revolutions per minute in the opposite direction of rotation. Thanks to its high-torque motor and high-performance electronics, the AxiEco 200 still guarantees a trouble-free restart. This enables fast and efficient system maintenance, including fan replacement while the system is running.

Smart features, such as FanCheck, temperature sensor, control input (PWM or analog) and humidity protection ensure greater operational reliability and increased service life. Various approvals (including VDE, UL/CSA, CCC, CE, EAC, UKCA) enable global use in data centers, telecommunications, mobility, industry, smart home and indoor farming.

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