Eckelmann presents controller VS 3010: connect compressors digitally

Date: 07 August 2019
Eckelmann presents controller VS 3010: connect compressors digitally

The VS 3010 compressor and condenser controller from Eckelmann now supports the Modbus connection of BITZER’s ECOLINE compressors. This new functionality can now be obtained as a purchasable firmware update. It reduces the cabling effort to a minimum and speeds up the implementation of the intelligent compressors. The compressor is connected to the control cabinet via just a single Modbus cable. Even existing systems can easily be switched to BITZER’s newest generation of compressors, thereby protecting past investments in measurement, control and regulation technology.

Thanks to the digital Modbus communication, the compressor no longer needs to be manually set up in the compressor controller, since all the configuration data relating to the compressor is stored within the BITZER IQ module. The module takes over the monitoring, controlling and diagnosing of the compressor in full and thereby ensures efficient and safe operation. Prewired sensors and actuators on the IQ module also eliminate the need for individual cabling in the compressor controller. The new Modbus single-cable solution therefore reduces the overall complexity and the potential for errors when putting modern compressors into operation!

In conjunction with the CRII capacity controller from BITZER, a quasi-continuous capacity adjustment of 10 to 100% can be achieved. 

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