Eliwell is returning to Chillventa to introduce the latest and increasingly efficient HVACR solutions

Date: 11 October 2022
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Eliwell is introducing the latest and increasingly efficient, sustainable and connected HVACR solutions, and showing a preview of the innovative solutions that will be taking centre stage in 2023.

Secure Interface, the connected HVAC from Field to Cloud

Having connected machines and devices available is now also a must-have in the HVAC sector. For this reason, Schneider Electric has developed Secure Interface, an extremely compact Linux embedded PC (72 x 110 x 60 mm) to enable IoT connectivity efficiently, intuitively and competitively, allowing communication with connected devices, whether they are our own or from a third party.

Secure Interface can connect to any device fitted with a Modbus bus over RS485, collect data from them and convey it to the Cloud, where specific applications analyse the data and enable predictive maintenance. As it is a programmable unit, it is very easy to develop any Modbus driver in order to communicate with every type of compatible device.

DOMINO ZERO, now more compact, flexible, and easier to use in conjunction with third-party valves

The latest upgrades to the DOMINO ZERO solution – for electronically controlling a refrigeration system running on either natural (CO2) or synthetic refrigerants – have made it more compact, open to the use of third-party valves, scalable due to its modularity, and capable of offering more stable control.

EWCM is the DOMINO ZERO component used for rack control. Recently improvements have been made to this controller, which is now capable of working with a number of third-party valves, giving the manufacturer the utmost freedom of choice.

Plus, the space occupied by the new EVEVD drivers for EWCM 9000 PRO-HF and by the two backup modules has been halved, with a 50% space saving in the electrical panel solely in terms of the drivers, leading to a solution which overall is 35% more compact than the products currently available on the market.

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