Emerson Launched of Next Gen A*E Copeland Hermetic Compressors

The Refrigeration Industry is facing unprecedented challenges meeting the Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. In an effort to help customers address these regulations, Emerson is pleased to announce the launch of higher efficiency fractional horse power reciprocating hermetically sealed compressors. The new models cover the entire range of fractional horse power compressors for Low, Medium and High Temp applications using R-134a and R-404A as the primary refrigerants. Emerson is also qualifying these compressors for major A1 non -flammable low GWP alternative refrigerants – R-448A, R-449A, R-450A, and R-513A depending on the compressor family. Emerson recommends R-448A/R-449A and R-513A/R-450A use with additional guidelines mentioned in the Application Engineering Bulletin AE-1305. Please ensure adherence to the guidelines for use. The timing for approval are shown in Table 1. The new compressor platform will be the 5 th generation A*E family indicated in the nomenclature A*E_C5E. Emerson is also launching the 1st generation of a new low pressure R134a refrigerant designated with the model number AFF_C1E. This platform has an extended MT application envelope. Emerson has also added a few displacements of the 4th generation A*E_C4E compressors to complete the product line up. The full offering and timing of production readiness for the new compressors are shown below in Tables 2, 3, 4, and 5. The Bill of Material guidelines are shown in Table 6 below. With the release of these new high efficiency compressors, Emerson will phase out of the the 3rd generation compressors designate by model number A*E_C3E. The cross reference of these C3E compressors to the new compressors is given in Table 7. Please contact your respective sales manager or application engineer for the phase out timings. The new C5E compressors maintain the same footprint, tube sizes, tube locations, mounting feet and overall shell dimensions. The AFF_C1E compressors have the same footprints as C5E but the suction and discharge tube locations are flipped between each other. Please refer to AE-1305 for futher details on the compressors and application guidelines of Copeland Hermetic A*E compressors.   Read More
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