Emerson Launches New Copeland Scroll Compressors for a Variety of A2L Classified Low GWP Refrigerants

Date: 19 October 2020
Emerson Launches New Copeland Scroll Compressors for a Variety of A2L Classified Low GWP Refrigerants
Emerson is introducing a new range of standard and digital scroll compressors for medium temperature refrigeration applications designed for low GWP refrigerants classified as A2L.

The F-Gas regulation requires manufacturers to make their refrigeration systems future-proof to reduce direct and indirect CO2 emissions which contribute to global warming: this involves choosing the most suitable refrigerant and system architecture. To support the transition towards regulatory compliance, Emerson has developed solutions for a variety of refrigerants such as CO2 (R744), Propane (R290) or alternatives like HFO blends / A2L refrigerants. Each solution is optimized for the specific refrigerant.

The new YB and YBD compressor range was optimized internally and externally for F-Gas compliant low GWP A2L refrigerants – such as R455A, R454A, R454C and R1234yf, to create the most reliable compressor for refrigerants with a higher HFO content. The architecture, main system design and installation with HFO blends are similar to those with HFC refrigerants. These similarities will make refrigeration installations simpler to install, commission and maintain. This compressor range is suited for commercial food retail and food service applications including direct and indirect expansion systems, cold room condensing units, remote condensing units and mono/bi-block systems.

Emerson’s new Copeland Scroll YB scroll compressors for very low GWP refrigerants offer the following features:

  • Dedicated design to handle refrigerants with a higher HFO content
  • Fully hermetic and reliable scroll technology, to avoid any risk of leakage of slightly flammable A2L refrigerant
  • Light weight and compact design

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