Eurocryor introduces new products

Date: 31 May 2019
Eurocryor introduces new products
Eurocryor introduces new products

CrossOver Scene by Eurocryor makes its debut: maximum visibility and cross-merchandising

CrossOver Scene by Eurocryor draws inspiration from an interpretative reading of the evolution of the role played by the store, from commercial medium to privileged place for interacting with the Customer. The distinguishing traits of the new traditional double tub cabinet, which make it the star in the display of fresh products, are numerous. These include, for example, excellent product visibility, guaranteed by maximum transparency of the cabinet, the discreet but efficient lighting and the reduced floor space, which make Crossover Scene the ideal solution for both small sales areas, and to create themed corners with a view to cross-merchandising. Lastly, worthy of note, is the essential aesthetics with a modern taste, which perfectly matches the other ranges of the Epta brands.

CrossOver Sceneis the combined cabinet, which associates a self-service area for pre-packaged products to a classic serve-over area for assisted sale. It is available in the Cold version dedicated to fresh food, DoubleCold, which includes two different positive temperatures according to the products, in favour of a vast choice, and HotNDry, which combines a non-refrigerated self-service base with a hot table serve-over cabinet.

Therefore, CrossOver Scene will take an active part in defining the characteristics of the places of purchase, able to merge a pleasant and practical shopping activity with a tangible representation of the traits of the brand identity.

Eurocryor introduces TempoReale

Eurocryor introduces TempoReale, an original solution dedicated to the display and storage of mozzarella for the large-sc e conale retail trade and speciality shops.

It is a system with a marked orientation towards functionality and it broadens the horizons of the display methods of ultra-fresh products. In a single unit, TempoReale actually combines a self-service cabinet for pre-packaged dairy products and an assisted-service rear section, equipped with tubs for fresh mozzarella cheese, immersed in its water.

It is an evocative name, which calls attention to the freshness of the products, ensured by the high performance of this display cabinet, which is a perfect sales tool for high-quality mozzarella, offered to the Customer as if it were just made.

TempoRealeis designed to promote development opportunities for the trade category, offering rational and clear display, where lighting and attention to detail come together to enhance one of the most famous traditional Italian products in the world, making the moment of the purchase an occasion of pleasure.

Thanks to its extreme layoutflexibility, with four lengths available (938 mm, 1250 mm, 1563 mm and 1875 mm) and a footprint the same as that of a normal traditional cabinet, TempoReale is an excellent solution for smaller sales areas, too. TempoReale also allows the creation of themed corners for cross-merchandising presentation of complementary products.

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