Eurocryor presents new self-service island Cornice for food-to-go

Date: 18 December 2020
Eurocryor presents new self-service island Cornice for food-to-go
Eurocryor expands the Ambienti family and presents Cornice, the new self-service island dedicated to food-to-go. An all-round solution ideal for the creation of themed corners, designed specifically to respond to the need of putting together a fast and complete meal, combining hot and cold food, to stimulate cross-merchandising.

Cornice is a self-service island on both sides, to which the semivertical head cabinet is added, available in the Hot and Dry version. Cornice Hot accompanies salads with hot dishes such as pizza, quiche, focaccia and toast and Cornice Dry is designed for trays, containers, the weighing scales and allowing the best display of the complementary offer on the roof, such as chips and dried fruit.

To attract Customer attention, it is important to give the environment the right character. Cornice stuns for the care in the detail and the fully customisable aesthetics: from the choice of materials, colours and heights, to the customisation of the front panel, to give free reign to creativity. Worthy of note is also the high transparency of the backs, terminal ends and roof, for total visibility of the products, from all viewing points.

Finally, to guarantee the highest levels of hygiene, the shelves and the basins are in stainless steel and removable for easy cleaning.

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