EVAPCO has introduced the new products

Date: 07 June 2019
EVAPCO has introduced the new products
EVAPCO has introduced the new products

EVAPCO’s large-module AT Atlas cooling tower

EVAPCO’s AT Atlas counterflow cooling towers – now in larger sizes – are designed in large, preassembled modules for ease of rigging and installation. As the most energy efficient modular cooling tower on the market, the AT Atlas is unmatched in CTI-certified capacity per cell.

Atlas series cooling towers range in capacity from 1,484 to 2,386 nominal tons per cell, providing up to 60 percent more cooling capacity per cell, while requiring up to 40 percent less fan power per ton of cooling compared to traditional factory assembled cooling towers.

Available in Type 304 or Type 316 stainless steel – including the entire basin, support structure, vertical columns, louver frames and plenum.

Site installation supervision is available from factory-trained technicians.

EVAPCO’s “Big Box” ESW4 offers broad flexibility

EVAPCO has introduced the newest addition to its ESW single-cell, closed-circuit evaporative cooler line, the 14-foot by 22-foot “Big Box” ESW4 – now with up to 40 percent higher capacity than the 12-foot by 18-foot ESWB. The ESW4 is offered in more than 130 models with capacities of 270 to 670 nominal tons, and with fan motor sizes of 20 to 100 HP.

The new ESW4 was designed to provide optimal capacity and energy efficiency available from the manufacturer’s single, largest closed-circuit cooler cell. With its cross cool internal tube configuration and patented Sensi-Coil elliptical tube design, the ESW4 provides equal or greater capacity than competitive units that are larger in footprint (14’ x 26’) and higher in fan motor HP.

The ESW4 was developed specifically for high tonnage applications such as data centers, process cooling, and large HVAC applications – in settings where the lowest energy consumption is used by the fewest number of units, connections, and fans.

EVAPCO’s ESW4 has the highest IBC rating in the industry, is available with factory-mounted water treatment, and the new stainless steel option for both cold water, and redistribution basins.

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