FläktGroup Introduced New Water-Cooled Inverter Chillers

Date: 23 July 2020
FläktGroup Introduced New Water-Cooled Inverter Chillers
The new water-cooled Chillers FGWC 2140-2465 AE2 with capacities from 530-1780 kW are now available. In line with the F-Gas directive, the alternative refrigerant R-513A is used to replace the conventional refrigerant R-134a and to achieve a reduction in GWP of 56%. Furthermore, the ErP-2021 requirements are easily achieved.

We will help our customers make the change and follow the EU’s F-Gas directive.

Refrigerants used in Chillers have a property called ‘Global Warming Potential (GWP)’, which we should move towards reducing in the next years. We achieved great success with our air-cooled Chillers, using full inverter screw compressors and alternative refrigerants. These were introduced in September 2019 and have replaced our previous R-134a units. Now we are following this direction with new water-cooled Chillers. 

Our new FGWC 2140-2465 AE2 Chiller incorporate the refrigerant R-513A (GWP 631), an ideal solution for indoor installed units. The refrigerant’s GWP is reduced by 56 % whilst still being safety class A1 (non-flammable), just like R-134a. The unit can easily be implemented indoors without any increase in safety constraints.

The units have two dual rotor screw compressors from Bitzer, a high quality and reliable brand. One compressor has inverter control and one compressor has slider control, which when combined with a highly efficient flooded evaporator and electronic expansion valves, ensures SEER values clearly above the limit of 6.5 (the ErP 2021 directive limit). The ten units sizes are intended for comfort cooling, have refrigeration capacities from 530-1780 kW and attain SEER values up to 7.53 (eta,s 293).

Acoustical compressor insulations, refrigerant leak detectors, BMS interfaces and a variable pump speed control are all available as options across the whole range.
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