FVR Series: the new innovative screw compressors Frascold

Date: 01 July 2020
FVR Series: the new innovative screw compressors Frascold
FVR Series: the new innovative screw compressors Frascold
FVR Series: the new innovative screw compressors Frascold

The latest addition to the Frascold family is the all new FVR Series screw compressor, introduced to meet all the market needs. The new series consists of 37 models ranging from 30 to 180 Hp and displacements of 120 to 540 m3/h. A broad refrigerant range includes R134a, R404A, R507, R407A, R407F, R448A, R449A and R290. The FVR Series is ideal for many uses including industrial, pharmaceutical, retail, marine and heat pump applications.

The FVR models, ranging from 40 to 60 Hp and displacement from 120 to 160 m3/h have been successfully presented during the last edition of Euroshop 2020, the largest international fair devoted to the Retail sector which was held in Düsseldorf from the 16th to the 20th of February.

All the others new models will be presented in two step on the market starting from July to December 2020 and are the distillation of the many years’ of the company experience building screw compressors.

The FVR range includes versions L and H, with evaporation temperatures down to -50°C and -20°C respectively. They are plug & play solutions which stand out for their ease of installation, also thanks to the universal compatibility of their connections and with a better coefficient of performance (COP) in comparison with previous models. The strength of FVR lies in its compact size, the noiseless achieved with the special profile of the screws, and the possibility to partialize the compressor, allowing for longer durability and significant energy savings. Finally, the models of the series can be used with both HFC refrigerants and hydrocarbons, such as for example propane R290.

The FVR Series is VFD (variable frequency drive) compatible, for added flexibility and efficiency. They also feature a lower starting current compared to previous models, which helps to reduce mechanical stress on components.

Several design changes were implemented for better overall compressor efficiency and to make installation and maintenance easier. Piping is more convenient thanks to a new discharge line and oil injection port position while the terminal plate has been on the side of the machine, to allow easier wiring access.

The new innovative FVR series is the result of the intense work of the Frascold R&D team, always committed to designing solutions and to anticipate the needs of a constantly evolving market. Quiet, efficient, and reliable, the FVR Series is everything you have come to expect from Frascold.

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