Güntner's New High Density Adiabatic Coolers And Condensers

Date: 07 March 2022
Güntner's New High Density Adiabatic Coolers And Condensers
Güntner makes the business case for sustainability yet again with the latest generation of High Density adiabatic coolers and condensers. They prove that eliminating water waste and pollution not only reduces cooling solutions’ environmental impact but can also positively affect the bottom line. This is especially true in the High Density lineup’s target industries such as data processing, food and beverages, manufacturing, and power generation, where inefficient, high-maintenance evaporative cooling towers are still significant cost factors.

Unlike cooling towers, which only work by evaporation, High Density adiabatic coolers and condensers can operate in dry and evaporative mode. Dry cooling is usually sufficient at most loads and temperatures – which means most of the water consumed by cooling towers can be considered wasted. To cover peaks, evaporative cooling via Güntner’s pre-cooling system hydroBLU is activated above a pre-set temperature threshold. The system contains humidification pads installed in front of the heat exchangers as well as the intelligent control modules GHM and GMMnext. They dynamically adjust the cooling water flow to provide the required level of extra cooling.

Thanks to this hybrid operating principle, High Density adiabatic dry coolers and condensers use up to 70 percent less water compared to cooling towers. This comes with another advantage: Since there is less moisture in the system, it doesn’t require disinfection or any other kind of chemical water treatment to prevent the bacterial infestations and moisture damage commonly associated with cooling towers. Hence, maintenance costs are drastically reduced along with the environmental footprint. As to the devices’ physical footprints, thanks to advances in adiabatic cooling design they could be brought down almost to the level of comparable cooling towers.

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