Higher Refrigerating Capacity up to 660 Kilowatts

BITZER will be presenting its latest innovations and product developments at the Mostra Convegno trade fair in Milan (hall 24, stand H29K30), including the newest products of the CSVH3 series for highly efficient water chillers for air conditioning and process cooling, as well as industrial heat pumps. The speed-regulated compact screw compressors with integrated frequency inverters feature impressively high performance and improved (E)SEER values. BITZER_CSVH With the addition of the CSVH3 series, BITZER has significantly expanded the service range available to its customers. This series is based on the proven engineering, motor technology and electronics of the CSV series and has a very wide applications range, from air-cooled chillers for air conditioning and process cooling to heat pumps. The CSVH3 series with an integrated refrigerant-cooled frequency inverter offers maximum seasonal energy efficiency and a wide capacity control range. The robust engineering of the screw compressor in combination with active monitoring of the application limits optimises the highest operational standard in reliability whilst also providing system operators with an overview of all relevant operating parameters. The CSVH38 achieves a refrigerating capacity of up to 660 kW (R134a, +5/50°C) with a displacement of up to 1,156 m3/h. The compressors work within a wide range of control from approx. 20 to 100 per cent of the refrigerating capacity. Significantly improved ESEER and SCOP values The compact screw compressors from the CSVH3 series are especially suitable for systems that frequently operated under part-load. These compressors achieve also impressively high full-load efficiency and significantly improved ESEER/IPLV and SCOP values. With an ESEER value of over six in air-cooled chillers for air conditioning, the CSVH3 series is setting new benchmarks in the industry. The CSVH series makes installation easier and offers high operating reliability. Sensors ensure compressor protection and monitoring, operation of solenoid valves (Vi regulation and liquid injection in one prewired package) and the active monitoring of application limits which is integrated in the frequency inverter controller. The frequency inverter is preconfigured in the factory to ensure an even increase of the speed and prevent current peaks when starting the compressor. The CSVH3 series is very compact and lightweight with a significantly higher power density than conventional mechanical compact screw compressors with a similar refrigerating capacity. Like the smaller CSVH2, the CSVH3 monitors its own application limits. If a value exceeds the set parameters, the BITZER compressor first gives a warning with the chance to adjust the performance and operating parameters. And then, if the overstressing continues, the control switches the compressor off autonomously. The compressors communicate via Modbus with the master system controls. The integrated data log can be used at any time to analyse operation over the running time and optimise the system settings. With the CSVH2 and the introduction of the new CSVH3 series, BITZER now offers the complete service range up to 1,156 m3/h displacement even in the field of highly efficient speed-regulated compressors with integrated frequency inverters.   Source: www.bitzer.de
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