Hllphoenix Ecoblade

Date: 26 December 2019
Hllphoenix Ecoblade
Hllphoenix Ecoblade
Ecoblade’s robust shelf-bracket design attaches to the front edge of the display case shelf, and was developed to withstand merchandising and customer activity throughout the case.  Its unobtrusiveness allows for customers to shop the case without having any idea it’s there while providing a huge impact on the case’s cooling performance.
Shelf edge technology has been used to improve cold case performance on refrigerated shelves in Europe for several years. These installations have been an illuminating proving ground and it is the encouraging testing data and results from overseas that has fueled the introduction of Ecoblade here in the United States at Hllphoenix.

Cool Benefits

  • Ecoblade can save up to 33% in energy usage costs.
  • Food spoilage and product shrink are greatly reduced.
  • Less “cold air spill” out of the case improves customer comfort in the aisles.
  • Two unique options, specifically designed and tested for use on Hillphoenix open cases, allow for Ecoblade to attach directly to either flat or angled shelves.
  • Retrofitting existing shelving with Ecoblade is a snap — it takes only minutes to install.
  • Typical ROI is less than two years including installation costs!
  • Comes preinstalled on new shelving and cases.
  • The Ecoblade twin-blade design provides food retailers the opportunity to continue realizing the benefits of open, display case merchandising in a more efficient manner.

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