Hoshizaki America, Inc. Releases New Pizza Prep Table Models with Smart Technology

Date: 16 June 2022
Hoshizaki America, Inc. Releases New Pizza Prep Table Models with Smart Technology
Driven by need and opportunity, industry is reinventing itself daily, pushing operators to look for ways to enhance kitchen efficiency and productivity throughout the day. Hoshizaki’s new refrigerated Pizza Prep models do just that, designed with four new key features to combat current restaurant owners’ difficulties.

Already the recipient of the 2022 Kitchen Innovations Award, these eleven new models – including two new 60-inch options – have been redesigned with value engineered technology that keeps products at ideal temperatures while requiring less labor and maintenance. Technologies like night/day mode can help lower costs and energy consumption and make operations even more sustainable. “The team has done a fantastic job,” said Kris Miller, VP of Engineering, “working together to streamline manufacturing processes along with incorporating new technologies to bring more value to our customers.”

New features include:

  • Night/day mode – when the lid is open, the set point drops to keep food cool in the rail. When the lid is closed, the set point returns to normal so food can stay in the rail overnight without freezing – saving labor costs of removing food from the rail each night and back in the morning.
  • One-piece pan rail design
  • Dual controller with single refrigeration system – for separate temperature controls for both the rail and cabinet; adjustable for every operation.
  • Optimal airflow in rail – back to front airflow through louvered ducts directs cold air around each pan, both 4” and 6” in any configuration, for consistent, precise cooling for all food products from cheese, greens, produce, sauces, etc.
  • Removable air filter – for easy cleaning and better operation.
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