Hoshizaki launched the commercial refrigerator used natural refrigerants

Date: 17 May 2022
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Hoshizaki was start accepting orders for commercial refrigerator that use natural refrigerants for restaurants and central kitchens from may.
This product uses natural refrigerants in place of specific CFCs and CFC substitutes that affect the global environment, reducing the global warming potential (GWP) by approximately 99% compared to conventional products.
In addition, Hoshizaki's unique structure has cleared the safety standards of industry standards for the first time in Japan.
"The Group is working to make products non-fluorocarbon in order to deliver more environmentally friendly products to our customers. Overseas, in 2009, we started manufacturing and selling the world's first ice machine using natural refrigerant for commercial use.
The Group will continue to promote efforts to reduce the environmental burden", - said in company.

Hoshizaki was start selling the draft beer dispenser triple tap specification products used in restaurants etc. from may.
This product has a compact size with a width of about 30 cm and a depth of about 44 cm, and is the smallest installation space in the industry as a product that can provide three types of beverages. It is a product that is easy to introduce to small restaurants.

This product is sold to beverage manufacturers and is not basically sold to general customers.

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