Hubbard Systems presented the Quick-box range of coldrooms from Friulinox

Date: 10 August 2021
Hubbard Systems presented the Quick-box range of coldrooms from Friulinox

Hubbard Systems is now supplying the Quick-box range of coldrooms from Friulinox. Designed to be a flexible, competitively priced cold storage solution, they are available in 22 sizes and with a comprehensive range of customisation options making them suitable for a range of uses.

All options are the same height (2190mm) with the smallest being 1640 (w) x 1200 (d) mm and the largest 2840 (w) x 2000 (d) mm. Walls, ceiling and floor are made from 80mm thick, 95% closed cell self extinguishing polyurethane foam, assembled into Camlock type panels. The interior floor is made of non-slip, plastic coated galvanised steel with rounded corner profiles, capable of supporting 1000kg per square metre, with an option for a stainless steel floor capable of holding 1500kg m/2 if extra weight capacity is required. The door seal is fitted with anti-condensate protection and the coldroom can be locked from the outside, but it also has an internal safety handle.

The Quick-box range is available as either a freezer or for chilled storage. Temperature is maintained by powerful, compact refrigeration blocks. These are mounted on the sidewall of the coldroom as standard, but are also available as ceiling mounted units if required. They feature electronic control systems that ensure temperature is maintained perfectly, with an optional connectivity feature that allows all data, including HACCP reports, to be managed remotely via Friulinox’s Cold Cloud service. The sidewall-mounted option can be positioned to the right or the left of the door on most models, affording greater flexibility for where the cold rooms can be installed, depending on the available space.

A range of aluplast shelving is available if required, along with an optional PVC curtain for the door and a stainless steel ramp.

“Although it’s an off-the-shelf product, the Quick-box range is extremely flexible,” says George Fell, Area Sales Manager of Hubbard Systems. “Its range of sizes and options, and the different ways to mount the refrigeration system, allow it to be tailored to different sites.”

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