In step with the times - an overview of refrigeration cabinets from the plant "Pole"

Polyus - a leading manufacturer of refrigerated display cases, known domestic customers under the brands of "Polus" and «Carboma». To date, products of the company is in the top line in the Russian rating of refrigeration equipment and is widely used for equipping grocery stores and food service organizations. The secret of this popularity is simple: the price of windows readily available to local entrepreneurs, and the quality and visual appeal are not inferior to foreign analogues.   Compound reliability and functionality Commercial refrigeration showcases Pole successfully help to solve two major challenges - benefit to present goods to customers and maintain the freshness of the products throughout the entire shelf life. Counters have an elegant design and excellent job with their presentation functions laid out in these products look appetizing and attractive. A distinctive feature of the counters Pole - high reliability of all components and design in general. Trouble-free operation of cooling systems provide cooling units Aspera or Electrolux, as well as a refrigerant is used ozone-safe refrigerant R134a, which does not contain chlorine. Product line includes all of the most popular types of refrigeration cabinets: medium temperatures, freezing, universal. A extensive range allows you to choose the best option equipment outlet in any format, from a small shop to a large supermarket. Economical Series Pole Eco Narrow Pole Eco refrigerated cabinets are ideal for small spaces. They readily pass into the narrow doorways and allow us to maximize the benefit of use of every inch of retail space. Despite its compact dimensions (overall width of only 830 mm), Eco-pole model has good storage capacity. Purchase counter this series not only saves trade area, but also the budget. The low cost of the equipment combined with low power consumption and easy maintenance. Best seller - showcases a series of Pole Number of small grocery stores is continuously increasing, and with it a growing demand refrigerated counters Series Pole. They are intended for demonstration and short storage of meat, poultry, dairy and meat products, gastronomy. The large window with a depth of 640 mm calculations freely hosted a large number of products. As a result, buyer must provide easy viewing of the goods and sellers -Need freedom of action. Depending on the model of the internal chamber can be maintained at a temperature of from 0 to 7 or from -5 to +5 degrees. Calculations for deep-frozen products can be purchased counter freezer with temperature control 0 ... -18 ° C. Reasonable price, excellent reliability and a wide range of modifications of this series provided an unprecedented success in the domestic market. Series Carboma - modern design and unique technological capabilities Elegant showcase Carboma large area calculations adequately fit into the interior of any trading floor. Among the models in this series have angled shelves, open refrigerated display cases, showcases for displaying "fish on the ice." Such a variety of configurations allows for rational arrangement of commercial equipment and in a cozy cafe and a large supermarket. Static cooling system distributes cold air on computation, not zavetrivaya goods. Microprocessor control panel provides full control of the operating status. Showcases business class Carboma have docking line. New showcases Eco-Maxi - a large amount at an affordable price polus eco_maxiV September 2013, Polyus start serial production showcases Eco-Maxi with increased depth exposure - 910 mm. Depending on the model, new items can be operated in the temperature range 0 ... 7 + 5 + 5 ... 0 ... -13 ° C. On spaciousness and functionality showcases new Eco-Maxi can be safely attributed to the equipment of the middle class. In this case, the price - one of the most attractive in this segment. It should be noted that the broad counters capable of placing considerable amount of product. Realize these windows is made of galvanized steel, which significantly reduce the cost. Showcases Eco-Maxi have the fastest payback. This and other business equipment, including elegant shops showcase production plant "Polus", can be purchased from an authorized partner - "Petrohladotehnika." The company's specialists will help you choose the best option equipping of retail space, will offer advantageous scheme of purchase and delivery to any region of the country. All supplied equipment has the necessary certificates of conformity and manufacturer's warranty is provided.
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