INTARCON launched new series the superblock R290

Date: 24 March 2022
INTARCON launched new series the superblock R290
INTARCON launched new series the superblock R290
INTARCON launched new series the superblock R290

This new series of equipment recently launched is an example of INTARCON's ongoing commitment to offering the most reliable, efficient, and sustainable solution for refrigeration installations.

The superblock R290 series is available in 4 models for high temperature applications for cold rooms, workrooms, pre-cold rooms and refrigerated loading docks in a range from 24 to 62 kW of cooling capacity; 4 models for medium temperature applications for cold rooms for preservation of generic products in a range from 17 to 45 kW of cooling capacity; 4 models for low temperature applications sized for cold rooms for preservation of frozen products in a range from 11 to 30 kW of cooling capacity.

The monoblock industrial refrigeration units are manufactured in galvanised steel structure and casing with thermosetting polyester paint, they are designed for outdoor installation on the cold room wall, with easy maintenance access through hinged panels.

The superblock R290 series is equipped with a highly reliable semi-hermetic compressor from Frascold. These compressors are characterised by their high robustness and operational reliability, and as they are cooled exclusively by the refrigerant gas, they provide effective soundproofing.

R290 cooling technology has the following advantages:

  • Energy efficiency. Thanks to the thermodynamic properties and high performance, your electricity consumption will be lower and therefore, there will be a reduction in electricity costs.

  • Climate adaptability. It has been shown that R290 is better suited to hot climates than HFCs.

  • Efficiency. Its smaller displacement compressors further increase efficiency in industrial equipment, although its performance in commercial equipment is also high.

  • Wide application range. R290 refrigerant is fully suitable for both commercial and industrial equipment and systems.

  • Good compatibility with other components.

  • Low refrigerant charge R290, which gives the same performance as other refrigerants at only 40%.

  • Long-term environmentally friendly alternative. Although there is a regulation in place, it is a natural gas, which has been well received in the refrigerant market.

R290 charge limit

R290 superblock units contain a low charge of flammable refrigerant, class A3. In accordance with the European standard EN 378, R290 superblock units are suitable for industrial premises with restricted access, and each unit must comply with the practical refrigerant charge limit of 8 g of R290 per m3 of room volume. If necessary, in order to split the refrigerant charge, multiple units can be installed in the same room. If the refrigerant charge in a unit is exceeded, the designer must carry out a risk assessment study and take appropriate protective measures. For example, a working room at 12 °C with dimensions 10 m x 15 m x 4.5 m, with a volume of 675 m3 , and a refrigeration requirement of 24 kW, allows a maximum charge per unit of 5 kg. In this case, an ACH-KD-3 071 unit can be selected, which contains less than 4 kg of R290.

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