Kaltra brings variable-speed compressors to Easystream II chillers

Date: 13 April 2021
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Kaltra has upgraded its Easystream II water chillers with the addition of new models running on inverter-driven scroll compressors. The new models, Easystream II Inverter, deliver up to 10% better COP and up to a 5% increase in ESEER within the same footprint and weight.

The chillers targeted small and medium commercial air conditioning market and medium-temperature process cooling applications. Hence particular emphasis has been on economic and quiet chiller operation. Employing inverter-controlled scroll compressors contributes to both noise reduction and lifting efficiency, especially when it comes to part-load operation. Customers of the new system may select from variable-speed compressors or manifolded inverter-driven and fixed-speed scrolls. Easystream II Inverter chillers can be configured with water-cooled or remote air-cooled condensers. This gives customers full flexibility in design and technology options for cooling systems to build. For water-cooled configurations, Kaltra offers dry coolers from its comprehensive rangeFor water-cooled configurations, Kaltra offers dry coolers from its comprehensive range, including adiabatic solutions.

The range can be packaged with hydronic modules with variable- or constant-flow pumps, separately-housed buffer water tanks, heat recovery options, additional soundproof, and other accessories to tailor the system.

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