Kaltra inaugurated Lambda DX/FGB precision air conditioners

Date: 31 August 2020
Kaltra inaugurated Lambda DX/FGB precision air conditioners
Lambda DX/FGB, the latest addition to Kaltra’s IT cooling portfolio, offers flash gas bypass technology for these precision air conditioners, improving the system’s energy efficiency. With more cooling for less space, Lambda DX/FGB delivers accurate temperature and humidity control, whilst contributing to lower energy use.

The newly inaugurated Lambda DX/FGB precision air conditioners include a flash gas bypass system to enhance energy efficiency and lift cooling output. The system comprises an external separator connected to the refrigeration circuit downstream from the expansion valve and upstream from the microchannel evaporator. The separator divides the two-phase refrigerant flow from the expansion device into liquid refrigerant provided to the evaporator and vaporized refrigerant provided directly to the compressor and controlled by a pressure regulating valve. With R410a as the working fluid, bypassing the flash gas results in both efficiency and capacity improvements of about 20% compared to conventional air conditioners (e.g., Lambda DX series). Even larger performance improvements are expected for DXi/FGB units powered by variable-speed scroll compressors.

Lambda DX/FGB employs scroll compressors providing multiple stages of cooling control, ranging from 100% to 25% operating capacity.

Alongside, Kaltra introduced advanced control algorithms ensuring smooth, reliable operation with low cost of ownership for Lambda DX and Lambda DX/FGB units, which also include various pre-programmed operating modes, making startup procedures easier and reducing commissioning costs.
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