Kelvion introduced range for commercial applications KSC / KBC

Date: 29 June 2020
Kelvion introduced range for commercial applications KSC / KBC
Kelvion KSC offers the latest development of range of commercial air coolers. It is the next step in the product harmonization and will replace the former Küba market SP, Goedhart FC38s and Searle KEC. It’s an efficient and competitive solution for basic applications in supermarkets, warehouses or cold stores.

The KBC series is the blow through fan version with adapted coil and casing to ensure efficient air flow. It is ideally suited for fresh produce and flower storage application where high humidity levels must be maintained for a short period of time.

The KSC is simple to install and clean (side covers, drip tray, inner drip tray can be hinged and removed to ensure accessibility during installation or inspection), absolutely reliable to operate and it always keeps the refrigerated goods fresh.

The KSC application range, depending on configuration, extends from medium temperature cooling to freezing as low as -40 °C room temperature (KSC30).

The benefit that makes the new KSC a stand-alone air cooler range is primarily its standardized equipment, matched to the requirements of individual application scenarios. The finish of the casing components, with their food-safe and environmentally friendly powder coating, provides a surface structure that is effectively resistant to scratches, impacts, and corrosion. These components can also be very easily cleaned, and the mounting brackets are made of stainless steel.

Pre-wired EC/ ESM draw through fans, in conformity with the ErP Directive, offer two (KSC23) respectively four speeds (KSC30). These fans are especially effective for small and medium-sized cold stores.

The Kelvion Cubic Cooler KSC range offers series-production models for standard commercial applications. These air coolers are available on stock at an optimal benefit-cost ratio, and 36 unit cooler types can be ordered throughout a cooling duty range from 0.9 to 11.8 kW.

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