Klima-Therm launches Circlemiser with new level energy performance

Klima-Therm has introduced a new advanced generation of Turbomiser chiller to the UK market, in the form of the Circlemiser, promised to be the most efficient dry air-cooled chiller in the world. It follows on the heels of Klima-Therm’s K-Turbo, which itself set a new benchmark for efficiency performance. The Circlemiser delivers improvements of up to 15per cent on Turbomiser’s already outstanding EER* rating. The key innovations behind Circlemiser’s leap forward in efficiency are a new heat exchanger design, which sees traditional flat coils replaced by special cylindrical condensers, and the use of flooded evaporators in a cascade system. By packing more active heat exchange surface into a given space, the heat exchange capacity of Circlemiser’s new cylindrical microchannel condensers is increased by 45per cent compared with traditional condensers. The cylindrical heat exchangers are the fruit of manufacturer Geoclima’s own in-house research and development team. The unique design increases heat exchanger capacity in the rejection and delivery sides by reducing condensing temperature as well as evaporator approach temperature. Tim Mitchell, Klima-Therm’s sales director, said: “Through this innovative design, the condenser coil and evaporator configuration achieves an impressive improvement in performance without increasing the footprint of the Circlemiser. This allows us to pack more cooling capacity into a given space, while significantly reducing energy consumption.” The use of a cascade system with flooded evaporators helps reduce the ΔT between evaporation temperature and outlet temperature of the chilled water. This increase in evaporation temperature further reduces energy consumption. Comparing the like-for-like performance of Circlemiser with standard air-cooled Turbomisers (at AHRI/EUROVENT conditions, with the same number and model of compressors), Circlemiser has demonstrated an increase in EER up to +9.5per cent with one compressor, and up to +15per cent with multiple compressors. The highest EER value achieved by Circlemiser is an outstanding 4.35. This gives Circlemiser equivalent efficiency to Turbomiser chillers equipped with enhanced adiabatic evaporative systems (at 50per cent Relative Humidity), but without the additional cost and complication of installation and maintenance associated with such systems. Tim Mitchell says: “Circlemiser is a genuine innovation, and offers end users an exceptionally efficient chiller that packs a huge amount of cooling into a compact space, and without the extra expense and maintenance requirements of adiabatic systems. “We see big opportunities for Circlemiser in refurbishment projects, where cooling loads may have increased over time and the existing chiller is now under-sized, but where plant space is restricted and unable accommodate a larger replacement. We often meet this, particularly in London, where plant room and roof-top real estate is at an absolute premium.” The new Circlemiser range is available with both R134a and, continuing Klima-Therm’s innovation in this area, the new ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant HFO-1234ze. Source: Klima-Therm
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