Lancer launches a small beverage dispenser in China

Date: 19 April 2022
Lancer launches a small beverage dispenser in China
Lancer launches a small beverage dispenser in China
LANCER CORPORATION (Lancer) is a sales subsidiary founded in Shanghai, China in April 2020. Since April 2022, launches an environmentally friendly small beverage dispenser (CED 400) that uses natural refrigerants.

Thinnest equivalent model (*) with high density design

A soda dispenser for fast food chains that is smaller than previous models and fits relatively small kitchens in China and Asia. Since the installation area is small and the space is small, the space in the kitchen can be used efficiently. The width is about 30% smaller than our regular products, making it the thinnest (*) in the same model.
* Internal research

Improved maintainability with cartridge-type block

Having made the indoor unit of the cartridge type, it can be removed, increasing the maintainability of the equipment. In the conventional model, it was necessary to pick up the whole device and repair it, but in order to meet the customer's need to minimize the downtime of the device in the event of a failure, the company developed a cartridge type that allows for field replacement.

Further promotion of the development of the markets of China and Asia

In China and Asia, the number of permanent stores of global fast food chains continues to increase. The company will set up an engineering service department in Lancer Shanghai to quickly respond to customer needs and establish a direct sales and direct service system.

In 2006, Lancer became a member of the Hoshizaki Group. With an overwhelming presence in the North American market, the company has bases in Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and the UK in addition to North America.

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