Latest Innovative product Garmo

Date: 08 May 2018
Latest Innovative product Garmo - plug-in multideck meet the relevant energy saving criteria will be included on the ECA Energy Technology List (ETL) with effect from 1st May 2018. Additionally: - a much bigger merchandising area than in typical plugin multidecks - very low heat emission / only 1,5kW for 2,5-meter section / so you do not need to count much bigger AC for store - noise level comparable with a normal discussion between people - green refrigerant - very low energy consumption - easy service/maintenance access from the front To be included on the list, all refrigerated display cabinets must meet strict performance criteria in terms of energy efficiency, and in 2015, the performance threshold was raised, so that only the best performing equipment could make it onto the list. The RDGA-L4-1875, RDGA-L4-2500 and RDGA-L4-3750 ranges have all been recently added to the list so that customers can be sure they are buying some of the most energy efficient equipment on the market today.

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