Leak Stop For Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Systems

EXTREME ULTRA is an ultimate Refrigerant Gas Leak sealant that solves all the problems related to small refrigerant gas leakages in AC/R systems. After more than 4 years of R&D efforts and thousand of tests, Errecom projected a 6ml dose leak stop that can work with all types of refrigerant gases included R32, R134a & R1234yf, EXTREME ULTRA 6ml new formula treats A/C and Refrigeration systems up to 21KW (6 tons). EXTREME ULTRA locates the refrigerant gas leaks and permanently seals them, without reacting to moisture and oxygen. EXTREME ULTRA is a polymer-free solution that repairs leaks up to 0.3 mm.


  • Only 6ml can treat A/C & Refrigeration Systems up to 21 KW (6 tons
  • New advanced formula
  • Less product in the system
  • Permanently seals refrigerant Gas leaks both in metal and rubber components of A/C and Refrigeration systems
  • Safe to AC/R system components
  • Harmless to recovery unit components
  • Non reactive to humidity and air
  • Polymer-free
  • Visible to any UV lamp
  • Not flammable, Not irritant, Safe for the operator
  • Compatible with all refrigerant gases, R32, R134a & R1234yf included
  • Significantly reduces compressor noise
  • Ideal for preventative maintenance


EXTREME ULTRA and EXTREME WHITE ULTRA are Leak Stops for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems, useful to repair Refrigerant Gas leakages up to 0.3 mm. EXTREME ULTRA is a Leak Stop useful in car A/C Systems and in building Air Conditioning Systems. Designed in Errecom laboratories, EXTREME ULTRA is the ideal solution to repair Refrigerant Gas leaks, guaranteeing a complete, permanent and elastic seal of the System. EXTREME ULTRA is compatible with all types of Refrigerant Gas. EXTREME WHITE ULTRA is the Leakstop for Refrigeration Systems, specifically developed for Systems operating with R600 and R290 Refrigerant Gas. Both products are safe, polymer-free and non-carcinogenic. COOL-SHOT ULTRA is an Additive for the performance of A/C systems: when the Air Conditioner no longer cools, COOL-SHOT ULTRA is a real cure-all and brings the System back to its original performance. Thanks to this Errecom solution, the System will easily achieve 5°C less. SUPER-DRY ULTRA – Inside the A/C and refrigeration system, moisture is inevitably created, and, over the years, it could react with gas and lead to the corrosion of the System. Preventing this problem is simple with SUPER DRY ULTRA, an anti-moisture product designed in the Errecom labs. NO-ACID ULTRA intervenes on the moisture that inevitably forms in the system: when it gets in contact with chlorine and fluorine of the refrigerant gas, it causes the formation of acidity. This factor, over the time, leads to the definitive break of the system: this additive, incorporating the dangerous particles of acid, solves the problem in an easy and fast way, avoiding important and expensive interventions.
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