Lennox expanded eCOMFORT family chiller use of R32 refrigerant

Date: 27 November 2019
Lennox expanded eCOMFORT family chiller use of R32 refrigerant
Lennox has recently expanded its eCOMFORT family chiller catalog with new models ranging from 170 to 400 kW *. Thanks to the use of R32 refrigerant, these new chillers will allow customers to achieve greater energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

The eCOMFORT range offers a high seasonal efficiency able to exceed the Ecodesign 2021 levels (ɳs, c> 161% and SEER> 4.10 for cooling in comfort applications; SEPR> 5.0 for cooling in process applications) and offers unique features , such as managing performance changes and setting operating parameters remotely, which can help to significantly reduce energy costs.

Furthermore, the Lennox chillers eCOMFORT can be easily monitored, managed and maintained in good efficiency by Lennox Cloud; the real-time connectivity and visualization system that facilitates remote control, adjustment and diagnostics by Lennox experts. Using diagnostics, sending software updates remotely, together with predictive planning of maintenance activities, improve reliability and reduce the need for assistance.

The new Lennox eCOMFORT models are the first chillers with inverter for use with R32. Refrigerant R32 is an obvious choice to replace the R410A. It constitutes 50% of the composition and exceeds the alternatives such as R452B, R454B and R466A in terms of convenience.

The intelligent management of noise attenuation combined with a rigid acoustic enclosure and EC fans allows on average a noise reduction of 9 dB (A) (AAAS). This makes the eCOMFORT series one of the quietest chillers on the market and ideal for comfort applications.

The compressor technology with inverter integrated in our eCOMFORT chiller offers an accuracy of - / + 0.1 ° C. This not only allows a precise control of the climate, but also gives the customers complete peace of mind knowing that their processes comply with the exact temperature required.

For comfort and industrial applications, the return on investment from eCOMFORT performance can arrive in less than two years. Lennox experts provide local support to customers in the choice of appropriate options and in the design of the eCOMFORT chiller that meets their application needs.

* Only available for cooling and will be extended by June 2020 to include the heat pump.
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