Manitowoc introduces new Indigo NXT model IT0300

Date: 01 July 2020
Manitowoc introduces new Indigo NXT model IT0300
Manitowoc, a leading brand for commercial ice makers, continues to revolutionize ice-making with its next generation of ice machines Indigo NXT (NEXT) and introduces the new IT0300 model family bringing simplicity, sanitation, energy efficiency and reliability in modular ice machines to a whole new level.  

Indigo NXT simplifies the process of owning and operating an ice machine by incorporating a 2.8-inch icon based easyTouch display into their modular cubers. Installation and set-up is no problem with the startup wizard. Owner-operators always know the operating status of their ice machine by the full color status indicators on the display. One touch access to asset information, service menu, reminders and alerts takes the guess work out of owning an ice machine. Programing the ice machine to be off during peak energy rates is as easy as setting an alarm clock on a personal mobile device. The updated 9.0 software has a new feature called Nighttime Programming, which allows the ice machine to turn off during the evening hours. This new feature was specifically developed for the lodging industry to reduce noise and improve guest comfort at night. Other features include: auto detection of key accessories, handy water usage settings, one touch icon to locate a service provider and a display lock feature to prevent unwanted tampering.

Indigo NXT provides the next level of sanitation with its hinged front door that swings open, providing convenient access to the foodzone. A front facing evaporator allows foodzone access without removing the top or side covers. The inside has smooth rounded corners for easy wipe downs and all foodzone parts that need sanitizing can be removed without tools. Indigo NXT also offers the industry’s only fully integrated advanced sanitation solution. The optional built-in LuminIce II device has a status icon in the display that has been improved with the 9.0 software that provides peace of mind when system is working and indicators when servicing is required. LuminIce II inhibits viruses and bacteria and keeps the food zone cleaner longer – meaning fewer cleanings and more savings over the life of the machine.

Indigo NXT models are among the most efficient cuber ice machines on the market today, and with an impressive reduction of 13% in energy consumption and a 22% reduction in condenser water usage, the IYT0300 and IDT0300 air cooled ice machines are ENERGY STAR 3.0 qualified. This makes them available for consumer rebates. The IT0300 family uses environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant and has 48% less global warming potential than previous models.  All Indigo NXT models are certified by AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute) to ASHRAE standards assuring customers that the Indigo NXT ice machines perform according to published specifications.

The Indigo NXT series provides the customer with the next level of reliability. More than a half a million hours of testing went into the development of the next generation ice machine. Key component parts were rigorously tested through HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) to ensure Indigo NXT ice machines will provide years of outstanding service. 
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