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Date: 02 May 2018

VRF Midea V6

Midea introduced to consumers a completely new DC inverter central system V6 with outdoor units MV6-WV2GN1. The main feature of the Midea V6 is the world's highest performance of the base module - 32 HP, 90 kW - and a record performance of the combination of three units, 126 HP (270 kW). By order is available a system of four modules, the performance of which is even higher. The performance of this level gives the system significant advantages over systems with a large number of outdoor units, which means that they are more expensive in themselves, requiring more installation costs and more space for placement. Another plus Midea V6 - increased height difference between the blocks. Between the outdoor and indoor unit it can reach 110 m, so the system is suitable for buildings of high altitude. The design solutions of Midea V6 are aimed at increasing energy efficiency and providing maximum comfort. The EER for the module is 25.2 kilowatts very high: 4.75. Modules are equipped with the latest high-performance Japanese DC-inverter compressors of the original design. Thanks to EVI technology (additional injection of refrigerant in the compressor) and high-efficiency heat exchanger for additional cooling, the energy efficiency of cooling has increased by 10% in the temperature range from -15 to +43 ° С, the productivity in heating mode has increased by 26% at -15 ° С. The air conditioner operates at a temperature of -25 ° C. In VRF Midea V6 systems, the flow and temperature of the refrigerant are controlled simultaneously (EMS technology), so the system is more economical. At partial loads of the compressor in the cooling mode, the temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator rises, therefore the flow of the air leaving the indoor unit is warmer and does not create discomfort for the user. The area of ​​new three-row heat exchangers is increased by 21%, which led to an increase in heat transfer efficiency by 20%. The control board is reliably cooled: the pipes with cold refrigerant are laid in the form of a coil and are adjacent to its protective cover. The innovative technology of cleaning the grille of the outdoor unit from dust allows maintaining the performance at a stable level. The system uses non-polar two-wire connections, so it is operative regardless of the order of connecting the cable wires to the terminals of the device. In the new system, all the indoor units of the previous MIV V6 system with AC fans can work. In seven types of units, you can choose a version with DC-inverter DC fans.

Modular Screw Chillers

Midea for several years has established itself as a major manufacturer of chillers of various types. In 2018 the company offers two series of modular chillers with air-cooled condenser and a scroll compressor on R410A refrigerant. In the MCCH_B-SA3L lineup 4 models: 35, 65, 80 and 130 kW. In the high-performance series MACH_A-SA3, two chillers, 330 and 440 kW. In both series the modules can be combined: the performance of a combination of 16 chillers MCCH_B-SA3L reaches 2080 kW, of 8 MACH_A-SA3 modules - 3520 kW. In the chillers of the first line, air-cooled heat exchangers are H-shaped with efficient circular blowing. In a more productive series, the V-shaped heat exchanger allows the modules to be mounted close to each other. Shell-and-tube evaporators have spiral partitions, so there are no stagnant zones where there is no movement of the refrigerant. The intelligent defrost process eliminates energy losses and is only triggered based on data from the sensors. The operating temperature range of outdoor air MCCH_B in cooling / heating modes: -10 to +46 / -15 to +24 ° C, MACH_A 0 to +48 / -15 to +35 ° C.
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