Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US Announces Improvements to the Branch Circuit (BC) Controller

Date: 08 December 2020
Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US Announces Improvements to the Branch Circuit (BC) Controller

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS), the exclusive provider of Zoned Comfort Solutions and a leading supplier of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heating and cooling systems, introduces the enhanced Branch Circuit (BC) Controller, now available with pre-installed ball valves.

As the technological heart of CITY MULTI R2-Series systems, the BC Controller allows the system to simultaneously heat and cool different zones within a building using energy-saving heat recovery. The module contains a liquid-gas separator and uses the industry’s first two-pipe configuration to provide simultaneous operation. The BC Controller’s tube-in-tube heat exchangers can accomplish subcooling without returning refrigerant to the outdoor unit, reducing the total energy consumption because of less use of the compressor.

By pre-installing the module’s ball valves, METUS made BC Controller installation quicker and easier for HVAC contractors, lowering labor costs. The BC Controller assemblies are leak and pressure-tested to meet factory specifications, helping to ensure their integrity.

The BC Controller has brazed connections to simplify onsite installation and maintenance. Ideal for schools, office buildings and multi-family applications, up to 11 sub-BC Controllers can be connected to one main BC Controller, substantially increasing system design possibilities. Additionally, the module’s branches can be twinned to provide larger connected capacity for indoor units (up to 96,000 Btu/h), ideal for commercial buildings with bigger zones than if used individually.

With a bypass valve located in each branch, the BC Controller also reduces noise within the building during indoor unit mode changes as it operates at 40 dB(A), which is generally quieter than a typical conversation, under normal conditions. The module is smaller in height compared to the previous generation, saving space. Also, service access from the bottom simplifies maintenance for HVAC contractors.

“When exploring potential product improvements, our chief goal is to improve our customers’ experience,” says Cain White, director, commercial product management, Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US. “This seemingly simple change, the inclusion of pre-installed ball valves, will be a significant timesaver for HVAC contractors. This update will save contractors time and offer increased system design flexibility. We’re pleased that we’re able to satisfy an immediate need and help simplify installation.”

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