NAVAC Introduces New Digital Manifold Gauge

Date: 07 June 2024
NAVAC Introduces New Digital Manifold Gauge

NAVAC, a supplier of HVAC vacuum pumps in addition to a wide array of tools, gauges, hoses, recovery units and industry-specific items, has launched its NX1 NEXUS Digital Manifold Gauge, an innovative solution that combines advanced smart device technology with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity to enhance the diagnostics process for HVAC professionals.

As a smart manifold gauge, NAVAC’s NX1 NEXUS wirelessly integrates with the myNAVAC App, enabling remote control and monitoring. With Bluetooth connectivity for temperature probes and a micron gauge, it delivers comprehensive insights such as temperatures, pressures and vacuums for versatile applications. Aiming to deliver a superior user interface and experience, the NX1 offers the simplest and most accurate solution for diagnosing and monitoring HVAC/R systems.

The NX1 NEXUS Digital Manifold gauge caters to a wide range of needs with four operation modes:

  • Manifold Mode: Designed to resemble a traditional manifold gauge, the NX1’s intuitive interface ensures a seamless transition for users familiar with analog gauges. Its digital backlit display offers clear and easy-to-read measurements. All essential data, including pressure and temperature readings, as well as SH (SuperHeat) and SC (SubCooling) calculations, are conveniently displayed on a single screen, showcasing the product's smart design.

  • Leak Test Mode: With the high side of the manifold gauge connected to the system, users can access live wireless pressure readings and track pressure changes over time. The same option can also be monitored through the myNAVAC App.

  • Evacuation Mode: Enable wireless readings by connecting to NMV1S NAVAC Premium Micron Vacuum Gauge, allowing users to monitor evacuation status directly through the NX1 or myNAVAC App.

  • Decay Test Mode: With a wireless vacuum gauge, the NX1 enables automation and easy monitoring of the vacuum decay at any point of the system, not just at the manifold connecting location. A “PASS” or “FAIL” is displayed at the end of decay time for a quick and easy assessment.

The NX1 NEXUS is built with an aluminum body and is covered in durable double-molded rubber, making it impact-resistant and designed to withstand field challenges, ensuring prolonged, resilient work experience. The foldable hidden hook enhances portability, while its Class 0.4 accuracy and clear digital display offer precise readings. A 1/4 turn ball valve is designed for better user experience and durability. 

The NX1 NEXUS is A2L ready and currently compatible with 72 types of refrigerants which can be updated via the myNAVAC App.

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