NAVAC offers tools compatible with A2L refrigerants

Date: 14 March 2022
NAVAC offers tools compatible with A2L refrigerants
NAVAC offers a complete line of tools compatible with A2L refrigerants, which are being phased in as part of greener industry initiatives.

Since legacy HFC refrigerants such as R-410A will still be used on a scaled-down basis for the next decade or more, NAVAC’s portfolio of HVAC/R tools are designed to handle both newer and older refrigerants. Industry groups as well as manufacturers like NAVAC have been spreading the word about the pending phasedown, and developing solutions to ensure a seamless transition to more eco-friendly refrigerants.

A2L refrigerants have lower toxicity and flammability than their predecessors. Refrigerants in this class include R32, which offers a lower global warming potential (GWP) than legacy products like R-410A. To soften the transition, NAVAC’s series of A2L-compatible tools includes a broad array of its offerings.

For example, a wide range of NAVAC vacuum pumps are A2L-compatible, including the NP4DLM & NP2DLM Cordless Vacuum Pumps, part of the company’s BreakFree Series of cordless HVAC/R solutions. The NP4DLM features a high-performance lithium battery capable of up to one hour of continuous running time. The NP2DLM is a compact, lightweight unit suitable for residential HVAC systems up to 5 tons with high-speed evacuation hoses.

Another option is NAVAC’s cost-effective NP7DP2 Vacuum Pump, whose dual-stage design delivers an ultimate vacuum down to 15 microns. The unit’s integrated cylinder structure, coupled with forced oil circulation, assures high performance and reliability. The company’s popular NRP8Di and NRP6Di units – the market’s first smart vacuum pumps – also are A2L-compatible. Featuring a digital control interface, the units offer unsurpassed intuitiveness with features such as task reminder, extended evacuation for improved vacuum, and precision vacuum measurement technology with display.

NAVAC’s A2L-compatible inventory also comprises several recovery units. This includes the NRDD Recovery Unit, recently substantiated as the market’s fastest twin-cylinder recovery unit per UL certification data. Exemplifying NAVAC’s overall mission of making technicians’ jobs simpler and more efficient, the NRDD Recovery Unit features a brushless DC motor that allows it to provide substantial power in a compact size and weight of just 25 pounds. This DC technology also provides better starting performance under low voltage conditions. The NRDD’s twin-cylinder compressor and oversized condenser with two rows of microchannel coils offer exceptionally efficient vapor recovery.

NAVAC’s NRDC4M Recovery Unit – which, as the world’s first DC inverter 4-cylinder recovery unit, is the fastest and most powerful machine of its kind on the market – also is A2L-compatible. Operating up to 40% faster than 2-cylinder units, the NRDC4M utilizes an efficient brushless DC motor and ultra-effective condenser with an oversized microchannel coil and three cooling fans.

Finally, many of NAVAC’s tools are also refrigerant-agnostic, including the digital N2D4H Manifold Gauge, a high-precision unit with Class 0.4 accuracy. The analog N2A4A Manifold Gauge, which effectively measures the pressure of various gases and liquids used in HVAC systems, also can handle R-32 refrigerant, and features an “impact-resistant” design with a molded protective shell and rubber covering for shock absorption.
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