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<h3>NLE and NLV Compressors Angle of Suction Connector Change</h3>
In order to standardize the connector setup, we will be changing the angle of the suction connector for
the NLE (NLV) compressor line. Currently, the angle is 45° (see figure 1).
In the future, it will be reduced to 15° (see figure 2).

<img class="alignnone wp-image-8720 size-full" src="https://refindustry.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/NLE-and-NLV-Compressors-Angle-of-Suction-Connector-Change.jpg" alt="" width="372" height="516" />
In addition, the connector will be shortened by 3 mm. This change in production will take place in two
All 220-240 V versions starting from the end of September 2017.
All 115 V versions starting from the end of April 2018.
Due to the availability of warehouse stock of the different compressors the change will be smooth.
To manage the stock, the pallets with the new connector will be marked with an additional green label.
<h3>Phase-out of BD350/350GH Twin Compressors</h3>
Secop would like to announce that the DC twin compressor models BD350/350GH will be discontinued.
Secop is the leader in the DC compressor market due to its proven capacity to develop high quality
and top-performance products.
We are currently going through the process of optimizing the DC compressor portfolio. This has
led us to decide to discontinue our 12 and 24 V DC BD350/350GH twin compressors due to market and
technological reasons.

<img class="alignnone wp-image-8721 size-full" src="https://refindustry.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Phase-out-of-BD350-350GH-Twin-Compressors.jpg" alt="" width="364" height="588" />
The following code numbers will be obsolete from August 31, 2017:
102Z3017 - BD350/350GH 24V DC
102Z3018 - BD350/350GH 12V DC
There are no direct replacement compressors with the same cooling capacity.
We recommend setting up the cooling circuit so that evaporator and condenser are split into two circuits, using a BD350GH 12 or 24 V DC for each circuit to obtain same capacity as using BD350/350GH twin.


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