New design of the food area by Costan

Date: 25 June 2018
Epta launches the OutFit Costan line, a combination of original shapes, materials and textures developed by the Group to enhance the customer experience.Epta pushed modern design boundaries to develop the OutFit line - the very best ergonomic and aesthetic innovationenhanced by attention to Total Cost of Ownership and a broad range of options. The OutFit line, which makes its debut today with the serve-over Velvet, symbolises Epta's ability to respond to the retailer's need for a strong identity - transforming each store into a unique and distinguished space whilst remaining within the scope of solutions designed on a large scale. One cabinet, infinite possibilities. Velvet Costan is characterized by rich options available from the catalogue, to mix together and furnish the area dedicated to fresh and ultra fresh products increasing their exciting presentation and strengthening the visibility and appeal of the productsin all kinds of stores, from traditional workshops, to local shops, to hypermarkets. The attentive design plan ensures perfect proportion between glazed surfaces and structure, to guarantee excellent ergonomics. The display deck and the articles are is at the “right height”, to improve interaction with the consumer and encourage greater rotation, whilst supporting the operation for ease of restocking. Anotheradvantage of Velvet Costan is its “green” soul, thanks to the choice of elements with a low environmental impact, such as LED lighting and high efficiency fans. The options that give spaces a refined touch are countless: three aesthetics, Design, Style and Studio, multiple modules, from the semi-vertical version to the tower and hot table version, three depths and truly limitless finishes, from the materials, such as wood and stone, to screen-printed.Customization and extreme versatility for a solution to serve Retail Designers, able to make exclusiveness available on a large scale: this is the inspiring principle behind the design of the new OutFit Costan line.
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