New ELFOEnergy Edge EVO from Clivet

Date: 01 June 2019
New ELFOEnergy Edge EVO from Clivet

ELFOEnergy Edge EVO (WSAN-YMi) is the new series of air to water full DC inverter monoblock heat pumps for external installation, with the R32 refrigerant, available in 6 sizes from 5 kW to 16 kW.

New refrigerant R32

New ELFOEnergy Edge EVO is the sustainable solution for the conditioning and domestic hot water production thanks to the ecological R32 refrigerant, with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of -70% compared to R410A refrigerant. Clivet is among the firsts on the markets with a R32 monoblock solution, being at the cutting edge of technologies and at the forefront on environmental issues.

Top performances

Improved performances guarantee A+++* class in heating in Low Temperature (35°C leaving water) and A++ class in Medium Temperature (55°C leaving water). Besides, ELFOEnergy Edge EVO is also effective in cooling with SEER values up to 5.

Low noise operation

ELFOEnergy Edge Evo achieves silence levels at the top of the category, as it can also offer 2 additional operating modes: silenced and supersilenced for even more challenging requirements.

Wider operating range

Even wider operating range compared to the previous version, ensuring a reliable operation in heating down -25°C of outdoor air temperture. ELFOEnergy Edge EVO allows also to supply hot water at 60°C even with -10°C of outdoor air temperature.


ELFOEnergy Edge Evo can provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water production
With the aim to satisfy all the applications and possibility of installations, it also offers many other functions such as the 2 temperature zones management and the operation in combination with an additional heating source (for example a gas boiler).

ELFOEnergy Edge EVO already offers many new features, among which: the electrical back-up heater supplied as a sepate accessory for the sizes from 61 to 81, the double adjustable set-point settable on controller, Modbus supplied as standard and ELFOControl2 compatibility, the 60 litre buffer tank to be positioned underneath the unit (available from July 2019).

In addition, from the last quarter of 2019, it will be possible to have following features for sizes from 61 to 81: the electrical back-up heater as an option integrated on board and the higher head pump, that guarantees 70 kPa for the size 81.

At the end, from January 2020 Wi-Fi module with dedicated APP .

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