New EVBOX Light J500 by EVCO

Date: 03 August 2018
EVBOX Light J500 is a series of frontal electrical panels operating with proprietary probe. They provide solutions for the control of temperature/humidity and seasoning rooms, with management of cooling and heating operation. In the models for seasoning units, the management of stewing, drying and seasoning processes is optimized thanks to intuitive programs which can be configured for timing, temperature and humidity. Regulation options include manual or programmed air exchange cycles, as well as a pause-work function.

Bluetooth connectivity (provided by a built-in or external BLE module) enables access from a smartphone with the EVconnect app, making possible machine configuration, as well as download and exchange of HACCP data and parameter maps.

The user interface has a 2.8 inch colour graphic display and capacitive keys. All parts of the electrical panel are designed to guarantee IP65 protection.

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