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CO2 transcritical rack

Multicompressor rack for low environmental impact
  • Semi-hermetic compressors to operate in transcritical cycle for medium temperature
  • Flash gas heat exchanger
  • Liquid subcooling and safety system to increase plant efficienty
  • Low environmental impact
  • High quality components to ensure safe operations

New zer0°

Direct drive split units for small volume capacities. This new zer0° range has improved performance with increased reliability
  • Aerodynamic technical design
  • Larger air intake area to improve the air flow
  • New condenser with "mini-pipe" technology with low refrigerant charge
  • Low environmental impact
  • Increased reliability
  • Easy of use and service maintenance, saving diagnostic time
  • Hot gas defrosting with dual solenoid valves
  • Increased efficiency thanks to compressor liquid injection
  • New R134a range for tropical temperature
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