New LONDON 4 and ARLES serve-over counter lines by Arneg

Date: 08 October 2021

The new LONDON 4 and ARLES serve-over counter lines by Arneg make the presentation of merchandise a true spectacle to be savored with the eyes.

They are available in multiple models, with customizable finishes and a wide range of accessories. Always in the principle of high energy efficiency.


The new line of display cabinets LONDON 4 was created to complete the proposals for customization in the assisted sales of modern stores and furnish the store in a flexible way thanks to its complete range.

Pleasantly light, it easily adapts to different needs thanks to its various modularity and layout solutions. LONDON 4 is available as a NT and LT temperature serve-over counter, as well as a hot case, tower, bread or fish counter, and as a semi-vertical solution available in two heights, 125 or 150.

Available with curved, square or chamfered corners, its structure allows you to customize the front finishes using different materials such as wood, mineral, metal and fabric.

With LONDON 4 all the attention is immediately focused on the product.


With ARLES no more barriers between customers and products, thanks to its total transparency and the absence of metal supports that allow for a 360° view.

With its wide variety and modularity, ARLES is available for assisted sales as a cold and hot serve-over counter, or for self-service purchases in the semi-vertical and self-service display case versions.

Suitable for a wide range of goods (delicatessen, pre-packed food, cold cuts and dairy, meat, cheese, pastry, pre-packed fish, bakery), it offers ergonomics and operator comfort, thanks to rounded work surfaces for simplified operations.

The minimalist design with flat and linear shapes is accompanied by a wide assortment of accessories: dividers, step trays, scale holders, knife holders, paper holders and many others.