New multipurpose external unit Climaveneta INTEGRA from 44 to 152 kW

Date: 11 November 2019
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The Climaveneta brand's many years of experience in modern 4-pipe systems has allowed us to develop an uncompromising response to the main challenges posed by the most complex production structures: i-NX-Q-Y, new air source INTEGRA unit with capacity from  44 to 152 kW  for process applications.

i-NX-Q-Y is the new multipurpose external unit with full inverter scroll compressors, able to simultaneously meet the demands of hot and cold water, thanks to a system with completely independent circuits that are not affected by seasonal switching.

i-NX-Q-Y employs two scroll inverter compressors arranged on two independent circuits for better operational flexibility and maximum efficiency in any load condition. The presence of VSD variable-speed compressors allows the i-NX-Q-Y units to achieve every load combination required by the cooling system, with TER efficiencies always abundantly superior to those of units with fixed-speed compressors, with any hot/cold load combination, and in any season. The very high efficiencies at partial loads also provide and exceed seasonal efficiencies SCOP and SEER, in heating and cooling respectively, defined by the eco-design directives.

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