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TC Series Compressor Delivers High Efficiency Optimized for use with eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants R290 (propane) and R600a (isobutane), the TC compressor delivers an efficiency up to 6.1 EER (1.78 COP).  The TC’s high efficiency, combined with its compact size, makes it a perfect choice for beverage cooler and small commercial freezer applications where the need for energy improvement will continue.  The TC series compressor also provides improved efficiency with traditional HFC refrigerant R134a. The TC series has a cooling capacity of 88 to 440 W (300 to 1500 Btuh) for low temperature applications and from 586 to 1172 W (2000 to 4000 Btuh) for medium/high temperature applications.  The compressor’s dual rating point allows a given model to be applied to both low and medium temperature or, medium and high temperature applications, thereby significantly reducing the number of compressor models required by an equipment manufacturer.  The TC has been tested and approved by safety agencies UL (USA), VDE, SGS (Brazil) and IRAM (Argentina). Commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturers in North and South America, Europe, India and Asia have been actively testing the TC series compressor and are reporting an improvement in efficiency ranging from 20% to 40%. Low temperature R290 models ranging in capacity from 205 to 293 W (700 to 1000 Btuh), as well as low/medium R290 temperature models ranging from 88 to 440 W (300 to 1500 Btuh) are readily available for customer application testing. Additional compressor models are under development with the entire product offering being available by December 2016. tecumseh-tchero-blue-188-x-150 VA Series Variable Speed Compressor Delivers High Efficiency for Household Refrigerators The VA series compressor is optimized for eco-friendly refrigerant R600a but was also designed to support refrigerant R134a. Energy efficiency has become a common driver across the globe for large home appliances and other cooling equipment.  While single-speed compressors continue to deliver high levels of efficiency, nothing compares to the overall efficiency of a variable speed compressor.  This is mainly because the compressor’s cooling capacity can be controlled by speed and linked directly to the appliance’s cooling load requirement.  Annual energy savings of a single speed vs. a variable speed compressor can be as high as 40% with typically cost savings ranging from 15% to 20%. The VA series controller uses proprietary hardware and software to vary the speed of the compressor.  The compressor and controller are continuously communicating and making the necessary adjustments to both optimize energy savings and to insure reliable compressor operation. In addition to energy savings, the VA series includes power conditioning electronics that protects the compressor from extreme fluctuations in power including, voltage spikes.  This eliminates the need for additional devices and results in a more reliable compressor and refrigeration system.  Another advantage of the VA series is its ability to minimize temperature swings, resulting in a stable temperature inside the cabinet and longer food life. tpc-logo_thumb_88x101 AK2 Series Commercial Refrigeration Compressor Delivers “Best in Class” Efficiency While the AK2 borrows its name from Tecumseh’s popular AK series compressor, there is really nothing about the AK2 that is the same.  From the acoustically shaped housing to the refrigerant handling system and the mechanical pump kit and motor, the AK2 has been designed to deliver high performance without sacrificing Tecumseh’s industry known reputation for reliability. The AK2 has a capacity range from ½ to 1-1/4 HP and an expanded evaporating temperature range from -15°C to +15°C (+5°F to +59°F).  In addition, the AK2 is optimized for use with eco-friendly refrigerants R290 (Propane) and R1234yf, as well as the newly released U.S. EPA SNAP Approved refrigerant R513A. Traditional refrigerants R134a and R404A are supported by the AK2. High/medium temperature AK2 R290 compressor models deliver efficiencies as high as 1.9 COP (6.4 EER) and low temperature models are reaching 1.47 COP (5.0 EER) levels. Tecumseh’s new AK2 is one of the quietest commercial refrigeration compressors produced to-date with sound power levels as low as 55 dBA. Customer engineering samples are available upon request. ak2-comp-lt-icon-press-release-website  

Source: Tecumseh

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