New version of the air-cooled heat pump module "HEXAGON GX" series

Date: 02 February 2024
New version of the air-cooled heat pump module HEXAGON GX series
In 2024, Daikin Industries, Ltd. will release a cooling-only model of the HEXAGON GX series of air-cooled module chillers, which have achieved industry-leading energy savings and significantly reduced environmental impact by reducing the amount of refrigerant charged. It will be released sequentially from March. Additionally, a cooling/heating switching heat pump model of the same series is currently under development and is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2024.

This product is equipped with a high-efficiency compressor and microchannel heat exchanger suitable for the highly energy-efficient low-global warming refrigerant HFC-32 (hereinafter referred to as "R32"), and has improved operating efficiency at low loads compared to conventional models. The cooling IPLV has been improved by up to 8%, achieving industry-leading cooling IPLV. Additionally, the amount of refrigerant charged is reduced by approximately 57% compared to conventional models, significantly reducing environmental impact.

Furthermore, since it can be connected to the cloud-based air conditioning control service "DK-CONNECT," latent heat and sensible heat can be processed separately through unified control in combination with air handling units and building multi-air conditioners. It is possible to construct air conditioning systems that improve comfort and energy savings.
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