Panasonic’s new generation of Etherea with enhanced nanoe X

Date: 12 March 2021
Panasonic’s new generation of Etherea with enhanced nanoe X

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has announced its latest Etherea range, now integrating the nanoe X Generator Mark 2. Launching in March – the new range is the smart solution to keep your home clean, comfortable, and welcoming. Panasonic’s Etherea is renowned for being highly efficient, meeting any home’s needs.

nanoe X technology with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals

Panasonic’s maintenance-free nanoe X technology has been enhanced with the nanoe X Generator Mark 2, providing twice the production capacity of hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH radicals) – up to 9.6 trillion per second. Abundant in nature, hydroxyl radicals have the capacity to inhibit certain pollutants, viruses, and bacteria to clean and deodorise. nanoe X technology can bring these incredible benefits indoors so that hard surfaces, soft furnishings, and the indoor environment can be a cleaner and pleasant place to be. nanoe X works independently from the heating and cooling operation when the unit is in fan mode, improving protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Recent independent test results

In a European first, Texcell*1, a global contract research organisation, has certified the inhibitory effect on the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) by an air conditioner with nanoe  X (unit used in test previous model: Etherea CS-Z25VKEW generating up to 4.8 trillion hydroxyl radicals per second). Texcell has now certified that the nanoe X does have a 91.4% inhibitory effect on the novel coronavirus in an actual space of 6.7m3 over 8 hours using the air conditioner with nanoe X. This testing was carried out in a closed laboratory environment and was not designed to assess its efficacy in uncontrolled living spaces. Test report: 1140-01 C3.

Top class energy

Etherea boasts the highest energy rank of A+++ in heating and cooling, providing the greatest level of comfort. The air-to-air technology allows for a highly energy efficient solution to ensure optimal use year-round, utilising R32 refrigerant for a much lower environmental impact.

Advanced smart control and voice assistant

The latest range also boasts advanced smart control and voice assistant. The unit’s pair with Panasonic’s Comfort Cloud app which is specially designed to easily manage all system functions simply via a smart device, allowing benefits such as remote access to heating and cooling solutions, the ability to activate 24-hour nanoe X, analyse energy usage patterns and much more. Through the Comfort Cloud app, Etherea units can also be connected to some of the leading voice assistants on the market to further optimise air conditioning standard without having to lift a finger.

Fast and comfortable solution

Panasonic strives to create a comfortable environment for homeowners, which has led to the Etherea range featuring Aerowings 2.0. Panasonic’s Aerowings technology consists of two independent flexible vanes that concentrate airflow to heat or cool a room in the shortest time possible and helps distribute air evenly throughout a room. Thanks to the larger sub vane (72mm), which is more than double in size compared to other conventional designs, the ability to lift airflow has been further improved.

Sleek design for any home

The timeless design has a stylish and sleek finish that suits any interior, now more compact with a width of 870mm. The elegant monolithic model is robust and allows for a high-performance air conditioner. It also comes with an easy-to-use remote controller with an ergonomic design and tapered rear housing for the most comfortable grip. The minimalist remote controller allows for an aesthetically pleasing design.

Additionally, the design of the complete domestic/residential wall type range allows for easy installation and maintenance.

Adapting to the needs of any room

There is something to suit every need with Etherea’s wide selection of indoor units from 1.6 kW to 7.1 kW and in two colours, silver or white. If air conditioning requirements exceed the scope of a single room, Panasonic offers an extensive range of possibilities with a multi split solution, allowing up to five indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit.

New Etherea models

  • Etherea Silver: KIT-XZ20-XKE, KIT-XZ25-XKE, KIT-XZ35-XKE, KIT-XZ50-XKE

  • Etherea Pure White Matt: KIT-Z20-XKE, KIT-Z25-XKE, KIT-Z35-XKE, KIT-Z42-XKE, KIT-Z50-XKE, KIT-Z71-XKE

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