Propane-driven chillers to be added to Kaltra lineup

Date: 06 May 2022
Propane-driven chillers to be added to Kaltra lineup
In Q3 2022, Kaltra’s portfolio of high-efficient air-cooled chillers will be extended with R290 (propane) models based on the Versa platform initially launched in 2019.

As propane has almost no direct greenhouse effect with its GWP value of 3 and is not subjected to F-Gas regulation, being at the same time an exceptionally efficient as a refrigerant, the new chiller lineup secures Kaltra’s leadership in environment-safe cooling solutions.

The heart of new Lightstream Screw II chillers is propane compressors based on the proven design elements of Bitzer compact screws, recognized as a benchmark around the world, with special safety regulations applied to the design, operation and maintenance of flammable refrigerants like R290. Cooling capacity ranges from 225 to 1650kW with two-circuit refrigeration schematics, ensuring high redundancy and on-the-fly maintenance. Facility operators may expect energy efficiency levels (EER) around 3.30 for 12/7/35 running conditions. Gas leak detectors and continuous pressure control guarantee high safety levels in applications.

The charge of propane is minimized with the use of low-volume microchannel condenser coils designed to operate with flammable refrigerants.

Models will be offered in three acoustic configurations, with EC fans with continuous speed regulation (AC fans will be available on request), shell-and-tube evaporators, and optionals: desuperheaters, hydronic kits, and plate heat exchangers. Later, in Q4 2022, Lightstream Screw II R290 series chillers will be available in free cooling configuration.

Propane chillers target medium-low temperature refrigeration, including chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food & beverage applications, and air conditioning market.
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