SAMON introduces ATEX-certified Dual-Sensor Industrial Gas Detector with Long-Life NH3 Sensor

Date: 15 May 2024
SAMON introduces ATEX-certified Dual-Sensor Industrial Gas Detector with Long-Life NH3 Sensor
SAMON has launched GLACIÄR X5, offering unparalleled safety and reliability for industrial refrigeration gas detection. Engineered to work in the most demanding refrigeration environments, the GLACIÄR X5 stands out with its cutting-edge single- and dual-sensor technology. It delivers unmatched accuracy in detecting industrial refrigerants, and features a revolutionary NH3 sensor, designed to last an impressive five years, even amidst constant background NH3 levels.  

A refrigerant leak detector specifically targeted for industrial refrigeration applications. Robust and heavy-duty, GLACIÄR X5 is an ATEX-certified and IECEx-certified gas detector that can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. 

GLACIÄR X5 uses a unique ionic electrochemical sensor for NH3 detection which offers a 5-year lifetime, which is double the 2–3-year lifetime of standard electrochemical sensors. This reduces lifetime operating costs for the gas detection system, reducing expensive service and spare part requirements. The revolutionary NH3 sensor can also operate in applications where there is a constant background of ammonia; this normally depletes sensors and makes them inoperable, but SAMON’s GLACIÄR X5 is impervious to this effect and the 5-year NH3 sensor lifetime is not reduced.

Dual-sensor options make GLACIÄR X5 the most versatile industrial refrigerant gas detector. Options include electrochemical sensors for ammonia (NH3), infrared and catalytic sensors for propane (R290), infrared refrigerant sensors, semiconductor refrigerant sensors, and infrared sensors for CO2. Sensors can be locally mounted on the detector or can be deployed as remote gas sensors. Any combination of available sensors is possible. This enables a single gas monitor to be used, for example, to detect NH3 at both high levels and low levels, or for two different refrigerants used in a refrigeration cascade system.

GLACIÄR X5 utilizes the design and development capabilities of SAMON’s sister-company International Gas Detectors (IGD) and its field-proven TOC-903-X5 platform. Both SAMON and IGD are members of Safe Monitoring Group (SMG), which brings together diverse experts and enthusiasts in gas measurement technology. SMG comes together to create synergy to drive innovation and elevate expectations of customers based on deep application knowledge, working together to implement the most reliable, effective, appropriate, and safe monitoring solutions. 

“I am extremely excited to introduce SAMON’s customers to the most versatile gas detector for industrial refrigeration applications. It’s a huge bonus that we can work with our colleagues in Safe Monitoring Group to quickly expand our refrigerant gas detection product portfolio”, says Tom Burniston, Marketing Director for. “The ionic long-life NH3 sensor is a real game-changer for the refrigeration industry, increasing reliability, robustness, and lifetime of refrigerant gas detection systems”. 

GLACIÄR X5 is supported by SAMON’s offices located in Sweden, United States, Spain, France, UK, and Germany.

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