Secop introduce new Secop Gateway

Date: 21 July 2022
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Secop electronics were historically equipped with a proprietary communication interface.
Recent electronics feature an industry standard LIN hardware interface. The new gateway will support both.

Improvements were made in the following areas:
• LIN compliant communication interface
• Auto-adjustment of voltage levels to ensure stable communication
• Secop proprietary/LIN detecting and automatic switching
• Improved formfactor for easier handling
• Future-proof USB Type C upstream port
• Standard periphery connector for easily adapting to future devices

New Secop Gateways will be available from Q4/2022.

After its introduction, the new Secop Gateway will succeed the previous Secop Gateway as replacement. All wiring of the old Secop Gateway needs to be replaced. The new periphery cables
feature ease of use optimizations for a quick start directly out of the box, i.e. factory-made Y-connectors on spades.
All former communication ready ECUs, whether for DLV, NLV, SLV/E or BD compressors, are supported by the new Secop Gateway. All LIN ECUs are also supported.

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