SmartSpeed Fan Motor Technology from KeepRite Refrigeration

Date: 13 May 2019
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Utilizing KeepRite's patented SmartSpeed technology, customers can now benefit from reduced energy consumption and reduced system refrigerant charges, previously only available with more complex and expensive methods.

SmartSpeed offers a simplified, economical solution in order to meet the increasingly stringent efficiency levels being mandated across North America.

Refrigeration Through Constant Innovation

The innovative feature behind  SmartSpeed technology is a two speed EC fan motor that changes speed according to system operation and ambient conditions. On evaporators, the motor speed reduces to low speed when the compressor cycles off, saving energy without sacrificing product integrity.

On condensing units, the motor speed reduces to low speed when ambient conditions drop below 60°F, saving energy and refrigerant.

Energy Savings

Adding SmartSpeed means system-wide savings. From direct savings in energy costs to improved overall system performance and reduction of general wear and tear on the equipment, adding SmartSpeed technology can save in more ways than one.

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