SWEP introducing ultra-high-pressure products for CO2 transcritical systems

Date: 23 June 2021
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With pressure requirements for trans critical CO2 applications touching 140 bar, the compact and lightweight B18H has long been the natural choice for cold chain applications, heat pump and for mobile air-conditioning.

Complementing this strong model in the SWEP’s portfolio of ultra-high-pressure products for CO2 transcritical systems, SWEP is now introducing the B18L and B18M ULTRAPRESSURE to provide a wider NTU coverage in transcritical applications.
This ensures a solution for the most critical and problematic thermal demands.

With the two just released models, B18 has become an extremely versatile product with improved application reach. This provides customers with a high degree of flexibility to adopt the best thermal fit for their applications, as well as a further enhancement of thermal flexibility, improved reliability and better performance.

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